Falsely Imprisoned Cases

At the Law Offices of Kathleen T. Zellner & Associates, we represent people throughout the United States whose constitutional rights have been violated in criminal matters. With an unmatched history of winning freedom for the wrongfully prosecuted and convicted, founding attorney Kathleen T. Zellner has extensive civil and criminal trial experience that includes numerous groundbreaking cases. Ms. Zellner and her team may be able to represent you if you or a loved one was:

  • Falsely accused of murder, sexual assault, child abuse or another serious crime
  • Arrested without probable cause
  • Victimized by excessive police or correctional officer force during an arrest or while incarcerated

Our firm is in the business of bringing justice for victims of civil rights violations.

Real Case Results

Attorney Kathleen T. Zellner's clients include individuals who have been arrested and falsely imprisoned because of unconstitutional actions by the police and prosecution.  Read more about our firm's cases.