Law Offices Of Kathleen T. Zellner & Associates

The Law Offices of Kathleen T. Zellner & Associates is based in the Chicago, Illinois, area. Our team of trial lawyers concentrates on winning major civil rights violations, medical malpractice, prisoner abuse, criminal appeals, post-conviction, and habeas actions throughout the United States. We deal decisively and courageously with legal matters that profoundly affect the lives of people from all walks of life.

Winning Against Improbable Odds

Against improbable odds, founding attorney Kathleen T. Zellner and her team of trial lawyers have won groundbreaking judgments and verdicts — and tens of millions of dollars in damages — for clients from all walks of life. Ms. Zellner is the only attorney in the country to have won five multi-million dollar verdicts in less than a year. Equipped with a unique combination of extensive criminal trial experience, high-stakes civil litigation experience and success in major medical malpractice and civil rights litigation, she and her staff have compiled an extraordinary track record in courts across the country. Our firm is in the business of fighting and winning.

A National Reputation | A History Of Results

The firm is led by attorney Kathleen T. Zellner, who has earned a national reputation as a fighter for justice — justice for people whose rights have been violated and justice for victims of professional negligence. In spite of improbable odds, Ms. Zellner and her team have prevailed in difficult and complex cases involving:

  • Wrongful conviction, false arrest and false imprisonment: We fight on the side of individuals whose rights have been violated through false arrest, wrongful incarceration, improper prosecution and wrongful criminal conviction.
  • Police misconduct and injury to prisoners: We represent victims of police brutality, prisoner mistreatment and other illegal conduct perpetrated by law enforcement and corrections personnel.
  • Criminal appeals and post-conviction matters: We handle significant criminal appeals and post-conviction matters, including cases in which DNA evidence and other scientific evidence are utilized to exonerate the innocent.
  • Medical negligence: We litigate medical malpractice cases such as those involving the misdiagnosis of cancer and other serious illnesses, suicide malpractice and birth injuries.