False Arrest Cases

When a person is arrested, detained or incarcerated wrongfully, a ripple effect can occur, causing many problems for the victim and his or her family. The damage can include income loss, job problems, damage to reputation, and family difficulties and disruptions, not to mention psychological and physical injury to the person who was falsely arrested or imprisoned.

False arrest and false imprisonment represent serious failures of our law enforcement and criminal justice systems, serious civil rights violations that can form the basis of civil lawsuits. Law enforcement officers, prosecutors and other authorities can be held accountable when they violate an individual's civil rights.

If you or a loved one was wrongfully arrested, prosecuted, or imprisoned for a crime, we can help you.

Real Case Results

Attorney Kathleen T. Zellner's clients include individuals who have been arrested and imprisoned because of illegal law enforcement conduct and criminal prosecution. Read more about our firm's cases.