Our goal is to vacate Mr. Avery's 2007 conviction and sentence.


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Will Steven Avery’s New Evidence and Attorney Finally Free Him?


Crime Time - Episode 288

Via thelip.tv

"Netflix’ MAKING A MURDER follows Steven Avery--a Wisconsin man falsely convicted of rape and exonerated 18 years later. Two years after his release he was arrested for the murder of photographer Teresa Halbach. Avery’s new defense attorney Kathleen Zellner sat down to discuss her career, how she got involved with the Avery case and what she plans to do to prove his innocence including revealing the identity of the real killer in this episode of Crime Time hosted by Allison Hope Weiner.

In 20 years, Kathleen T. Zellner has righted more wrongful convictions than any private attorney in America. The Law Offices of Kathleen T. Zellner & Associates is based in the Chicago, Illinois, area. The firm serves clients locally in every Illinois county and nationwide from California to New York. Zellner is the only trial attorney in the United States who has won 5 multi-million dollar record verdicts in the span of 11 months. This includes both a record medical malpractice and civil rights verdicts."