simply the best attorney

Kathleen T Zellner represented my family in an wrongful death /medical malpractice case .It should be known that Kathleen unlike most attorneys I know are only interested in the slam dunk cases,she will not shy away from handling the most difficult cases ,especially where she sees an injustice to a person that would otherwise have no recourse.Kathleen took on our case knowing there would be no out of court settlement offer of any kind before trial and the enormous odds of winning at trial, but did so anyway. 

Kathleen's meticulous attention to detail in preparation for trial was uncanny ,from the criteria in the selection of jurors , to our dress code and demeanor in the court room. When it came time to cross examine the defense experts, Kathleen would know everything about them including theirareas of expertise and every article /book that they published to use it against them in a cross examination. 

And when the defense was minimizing the self worth of our family member to society ,Kathleen brought her to life through video clips ,and photos of family events to document she was part of and a loved family member. 

Kathleen's legal strategy and courtroom presence is a model for any local law professor to mandate their law students attend, so they can see her condense the courtroom testimony into her closing argument full of confidence , but also emotional and compassionate in her presentation to the jurors without a dry eye in the court room. When I asked later about the emotion,she responded simply she was there speaking for a family member who could no longer tell the story herself. 

Kathleen certainly has our gratitude for all that she has done for our family, her track record speaks for itself.

An Attorney for the Helpless and Defenseless

Kathleen Zellner represented us in defense of my beloved sister Maryann who suffered from a Bi-Polar disorder and was refused admission to Illinois Masonic Hospital due to lack of Insurance. 

Maryann consequently committed suicide in February 1995.

Mental illness is an illness that shows no visible wounds of bleeding although bleeding 

Occurs from within in a psychological way and therefore Attorneys are reluctant to take such a case based on no visible signs of blunt trauma or physical injury.

Kathleen took our case and won after I was rejected by three other notable law firms. Kathleen felt a passion and compassion to take our case to trial against a very powerful hospital lobby. 

Kathleen showed a sensitivity toward the helpless and defenseless in proving that the hospital showed recklessness, incompetence, meanwhile maintaining they did everything for my sister. 

Attorney Zellner showed a professionalism, sensitivity, transparency, toward detail, defending the rights of the victim, and securing the best possible outcome at trial. I would highly recommend Attorney Kathleen Zellner and her team as the best, first line of defense in representing you.

Professional, Compassionate, Diligent, Exceptional Legal Skills

As a private investigator with over 35 years experience, I have worked for and against hundreds of trial attorneys. When my sister's husband (my brother-in-law) died suddenly, after two doctors failed to properly diagnose his situation, without hesitation I referred my sister to Ms. Zellner. She treated my sister and her children with compassion and professionalism, always keeping them notified as the case progressed. This was a difficult case to prove and the MDs in this case were circling the wagons. Undeterred, Ms. Zellner found the right experts to prove her case, and in a short time she was able to secure a high 6 figure settlement in arbitration, without the trauma and drama of trial. Her diligence, skills, her 100% commitment to my sister were nothing short of exceptional.

Never knew what a real lawyer was until I met Kathleen

Our years long experience with Kathleen and her associates has turned into a once in a lifetime opportunity. It's not often that you'll work with some one who genuinely cares about their clients and looks forward to helping them in any and every way they can possibly manage to. This rare reality, however, has been what continually defines our work relationship with Kathleen.

For years we dealt with what we can now see were subpar attorneys who withheld valuable information from us, attempted to speak over our heads, and we're clearly looking out for their own interests above ours. These actions, which were clearly meant to protect attorneys from any true responsibilities to their clients, seemed to be the status quo untill Kathleen and her law firm stepped in.

Now, with Kathleen running the show, communication and transparency are the name of the game. Beyond an incredible work ethic, which Kathleen clearly has, this is the number one thing a client could ask for. Thanks to Kathleen, my family and I are incredibly well informed and comfortable with each step/decision that is approaching in our lives and our legal battles. She has been with, and guided us through, more than could possibly be written in this brief text and has done so with the utmost grace, expertise, and respect for us as a family unit.

Having met and dealt with more attorneys than your average person, I can confidently say that Kathleen and her law firm are second to none. The only thing more one could say is, thank you Kathleen for all that you do! It has been and continues to be an honor to work with you and all of your associates.

Excellent attorney

Ms. Zellner is an amazing attorney. She got a great settlement for my family in our wrongful death case. She very compassionate and yet very tough in the negotiations.

Medical Malpractice Case

Kathleen represented my sister in her medical malpractice case and got a record verdict. She is a great trial attorney and a great person.

Wonderful Lawyer

When my Mother passed away in 1996 from a nursing home accident. I contacted Kathleen Zellner and presented my case. She was very knowledge,informative and trustworthy. She is a wonderful lawyer who really cares about her clients. Kathleen Zellner took time to listen to me about my Mothers care in the nursing home. She went to war for me and won! I love her so much. I would reccommend her to anyone who has a legit case.I have contacted her again on the behalf of my daughters medical malpractice case. Kathleen Zellner is the BEST.